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Meet: Lucky

Miniature Poodle
Victoria Ayala

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Lucky is a high maintenance but chill poodle who loves to exercise, play, travel, and, at the end of the day, simply sit down with a good treat. Most of all, Lucky enjoys being the centre of attention (and won't let you forget it!).
Mr. Luck, Luckster, Plucky, and Puppy-Puppy are his most common nicknames.
Lucky enjoys dancing to the radio, belly rubs, being petted, having quiet time in his house, cuddling with his blanket, sitting down with a good apple slice, as well as being told how great he is.
Taking baths, going to the vet, and squirrels.
Favorite Foods: 
Doggy biscuits, vegetables, and fruits.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Going on walks, running, travelling, watching television, listening to classical music, and sleeping.

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