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Meet: Bonnie

French Bulldog
Leah Broderick
Nottingham, England

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Bonnie is a playful and loving Frenchie who will not hesitate to make friends with you while on her walks. She has not lived with us for very long, but has made herself at home, taking it upon herself to hide our slippers in the garden and take up all of the room on the sofa. Here she is, enjoying an ice lolly after her first paddle in the pool.
9 months
"Baby Bonnie"
Walks with Mum, Naps on the sofa, Sausages, Chasing leaves blowing in the wind, Her squeaky racoon toy
Motorbikes, Bees, Bathtime
Favorite Foods: 
Sausages, Ice Cubes, Ice Lollies
Favorite Pastimes: 
Napping, Walking, Riding in the car, Paddling in the pool, Licking people's feet

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