6 Dogs Share Their Party Tips

6 Dogs Share Their Party Tips
These dogs are always the life of the party


Our dogs exhibit some truly odd behaviours. Most of the time we shrug them off as simply eccentric, but this collection of delightful oddballs are trying to get your attention for a reason! You've seen their human counterpart, the Party Animal, bidding for your attention at social gatherings, but if you're anything like us then it doesn't take much for a dog to catch your eye. Here to share their party-perfect tips are six playful pups!


1) "The trick to nailing the 'Turn That Smile Upside Down' pose is to only start smiling once you're upside down."


Sabre, submitted by Jennifer Parks. 


2) "Even if you've had one too many, always make it home in your own shoes."


Mr Frank Furter, submitted by Sare. 


3) "Sure, you can be a gracious host, but what about being a gracious guest? I always come prepared."


Peanut, submitted by Nikki. 




Seulong, submitted by Sangho Park. 


5) "Four legs? Who needs 'em. I always show up to the party in style."


Scooter the two legged wonderdog, submitted by Tina Gans. 


6) "Make sure to thank your host! I suggest high fives."


Daisy, submitted by Taylor. 

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